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how it all 'star'ted
It's 32 years since 'Star of India' opened its doors in Leytonstone's High Road bringing a whole new approach Indian food. Not only did Alhaj Ahmed replace the familiar 'curry house' experience with exciting new dishes, and flavours - but his personal relationship with customers introduced a new ethos into restaurant management. Today his son, Shah Ahmed, owner and head chef continues the customer focus that has made 'Star of India' a multi- award winning restaurant.

Today, the restaurant is one of the most popular and successful in East London. Apart from its signature 'home style' cooking, Shah's business acumen is key to the restaurant's success. He is a master of diversification - an imperative skill in today's climate. "You have to keep evolving", says Shah. "I am always looking at new ingredients and developing new dishes. I ask my customers what they would like and do my best to deliver. You cannot afford to sit still in this business".