Weekend Discount

ONLINE ORDERS: This weekend celebrate the sunshine with 20% off all online orders placed between Thursday (19/04) and Sunday (22/04). Just enter code SummerLovin at the checkout. 

Valid on all online orders over £18, and can be used on multiple orders. 


NEW: We now deliver during lunchtimes, so you can place your online orders from 12.30pm and we will deliver them to you!

The Star of India, Leytonstone, takes pride in being able to invite its customers to special events and charity fund raisers.

Here you find out the latest news about the Star of India and some of our events, past and upcoming.

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Discount Codes
Discount Codes

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ONLINE: This sunny weekend get 20% off all online orders from Thursday (19/04) to Sunday (22/04). Use code SummerLovin' at the checkout! Valid on orders over £18.